"...something special..."

Ben Francis is the group’s director and has the same great tenor voice that Frankie Valli had. But this is no one man show; each member shines as a performer but as usual the total is more than just a sum of its parts. Every member takes the lead on one or more of the songs and together they are something special.

~ Glam Adelaide

"...fantastic musical powerhouse..."

Talk about high octane.They’re not only the hottest act in town. Perchance they are the hottest act in the land. Back in the 60s, no one could or did perform this material with the sort of energy and panache that the 60 Four turns on. They are not just singers. These boys are all serious theatre entertainers performing non-stop high-energy and sophisticated dance moves. The choreography is worth an award in its own right. And the synchronicity of the performers is impeccable. Their energy seems inexhaustible and their fitness is breathtaking. Footballers are pussycats by comparison. They are a fantastic musical powerhouse in their own right - vividly versatile and masses of foot-stomping good fun. They just make an audience feel uplifted. They make the world a happier place. Five stars does not really seem enough.

~ The Barefoot Review


They are supremely comfortable, almost intuitive with their stage presence and persona. Every move, even placing microphones, is strategically planned as part of seamless carefully planned and disciplined performance. The audience is the focus and these four young men have honed every move for maximum impact. Not one of them is ever ‘not present in the moment’ and their audience contact is captivating. One hundred and forty five minutes are simply not enough!

~ Stage Whispers

"...quite literally born to entertain..."

With energy to burn, and talent in spades, this was an unbelievable night of foot-stomping, audience interaction and chair dancing to the iconic sounds of the 60s – timeless music presented by a group of boys who were quite literally, born to entertain. The 60 Four are the real deal, and this show cements their position as Australia’s best tribute artists to the 1960s.

~ Theatre Travels