The Show

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The 60 Four present the very best music from the golden era. With a variety of ballads, and up-tempo twisting hits, they create the perfect, high-energy trip down memory lane.

What sets The 60 Four apart from other tribute acts is the contemporary arrangements, outstanding production values and the youthful energetic performances. Musical arrangements are produced for the group by Adelaide musicians Emma Simpson-Smith and Marco Callisto who have created a spine-tingling full-bodied blend with brass instrumentation, and contemporary riffs, played by a spectacular 9-piece band. Vocal arrangements by Ben Francis include intricate four-part harmonies which add personality and flavour to the timeless era.

The Big Stuff

It's The Beatles. It's The Beach Boys. It's Frankie Valli. It's Queen. It's Earth Wind and Fire. The 60 Four dial it up to 10 with a high-octane take on some of the biggest songs in music.

The Nice Stuff

Between Simon and Garfunkel, The Temptations, Hermans Hermits, The Monkeys or Dusty Springfield, The 60 Four charm and groove their way through the sweet stuff.

The Twist Stuff

Whether it's Tom Jones, Jackie Wilson, Chubby Checker, Johnny O'Keefe or Elvis Presley, it's impossible to stay seated as The 60 Four tackel the dancing greats.